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Only for you. (If you're not Luna, kindly close your eyes.)
Lerm LOL always showing you the bright side of life.. I understand you completely! I had the irrigation system burst and had to shut down the entire houses water at the meter. the coup de gra was during the texas freeze (thanks shithead governor) the pipe in my bedroom ceiling that( get this) goes to the spigot on the outside wall exploded sending water in the living room and bedroom. and out of the side of our house. ugh, luckily my across-the-street neighbor owns a construction company and helped me replace and fix said wall. One day I will replace all the flooring in my house but for now I will settle for some 1/2 cm gaps in the flooring in my bedroom.
That blows. I went to the beach on Sunday morning, and then had breakfast out - Eggs Benedict with Salmon - in case you were wondering
Oil pan but tomato tamata.
Just as well that you’re not getting Detroit style pizza, I’m pretty sure it’s baked in a dirty hubcap.
Yeah, that is sad. It could be a supply problem. Every time I shop for groceries it seems like I can't find half the stuff I need. I had to buy these expensive-ass brioche bagels for breakfast since they were out of regular ones. I mean, they're good, but they're not enough better to justify the price. We have a gyro guy here who is from Athens, but I haven't been in a while.
Awww that's disappointing! I made Italian beef in my crockpot last week and I'm pretty sure it was better than any Chicago style restaurant so :P As for work's good to be wanted but some of the attention can just be annoying. I check in with LinkedIn usually less than once a week, and always have messages from people who see my title "Chief Administrative Officer" and mistakenly think it MEANS something, lol (basically it just means I have a LOT of freedom!).
I did not know that, but it sounds like a great reason to get out of work! That said, put down the superglue, go sit in a corner and think about what you've done. Since you can't text anybody about it. *snicker*
Speaking of health woes, did you know that if you spill superglue on your hands and have to scrub it off with massive amounts of soap, water, and a foot file, your fingerprint unlock function on your phone or work computer won't work? (So I've heard.)
When Emily was in college, the Summer of the Pandemic, MIT was offering free online classes in various areas. Emily took a class about equity in the classroom. Students that passed got a certificate. So yes I tell people she’s MIT-certified.

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