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Yeah, I have no idea how much it cost...he said he sold his current one already. His gf drives some kind of VW SUV, I think. I've never been into anything cool, let alone cars. Mostly I just want reliability and comfort.
Jess, if you did that work without the man in your life, he legally becomes your bitch and you’re within your rights to peg him. Assuming of course you’re not already.
When I was a teenager, my mom, after bringing home a Christmas tree, recalled a woman she had seen at the Christmas Tree place who had an enormous (like 10 ft tall) tree securely strapped to the top of her car, ready to drive away. Another woman asked her, "How did you get that ready to go?" and Tall Christmas Tree Woman answered, "I didn't bring my husband." For some reason that has stuck with me for decades.
How the hell would I do that? I used actual pictures of myself.
Well, I'm taking today off, so I won't have to deal with my assistant at all! And Brian is taking Joey and Aaron to Phoenix for the weekend; they are gonna stay with his brother for his nephew's engagement party this weekend (Quent is driving up to meet them). Tamales sound good, too :)

On Equinox In the blog Luna Tics
Jess, may your Friday be filled with wonderful things like tamales and margaritas and completely void of things like seizures and work assistants who complicate tasks.

On Equinox In the blog Luna Tics
I watched the first ep of Abbot last night, and it definitely has promise. I have always loved Sheryl Lee Ralph, from the time she was in the original production of Dream Girls back in the early 80s. She also did some modeling around that time and I remember thinking she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

On goings on In the blog rockboy
Just had to go pick up Aaron from work early AGAIN...lots of tremors today. GRRR.

On Equinox In the blog Luna Tics
It's awful. Up til this year I always said it was one thing I loved about living here vs the midwest - no mosquitoes (at least not in part of town; they are plentiful by the river!). These new little fuckers have ruined one of the perks of living in the desert! At least the bites haven't been as bad as my usual ones - usually I get massive welts. These stay pretty small, but definitely itchy.

On Equinox In the blog Luna Tics
Yeah, we watched it at the same time because you thought the episode with all the micro-penises was hilarious and I was wondering if I should continue with it. Also: has anyone watched Abbot Elementary? Is it any good?

On goings on In the blog rockboy

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