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50,000 students? *cries* I don’t think I’d survive, but your daughter seems a lot more social than I’ve ever been. And I vote for neuroscience if I get a vote, for obvious reasons. I’m so proud of you, dad…you have made a couple of incredible people.
Exciting times for the family! I wish her well
I'll feel like going around my neighborhood and telling everyone: "Smell my yard!" "SMELL MY YARD!!!!"
I thought about saying that your dad should’ve told you that you still looked cute but given the poignancy of the occasion and how emotional that must have been, I felt that would be insensitive. So instead I’ll just say I’m glad your dad had that moment to share his true thoughts. Enjoy the grill. Nothing like cooking that first meal on a new grill.
I may go with you, Mary.
That's it: I am crossing state lines to kick your ass, Steve!
Luna, for half of a comment I was under the impression you also joined Mary’s “making stuff from wood pallets” group before I realized you were still talking about the menopause group again. Mary, you’re still a better writer than an AI bot. Jess, you’re still a pain in the ass.
Yeah, I get it. I both wish that social media (including reddit) existed when I was raising my kids and am glad that it didn't. On the one hand, I wouldn't have felt so weird compared to the moms around here. On the other hand, social media can be vicious. At least now I'm old enough to let the bad stuff roll off me. And it's good to see such a broad range of personalities, quirks, and life choices among my age cohort.
Well, but I don't just mean menopause symptoms...I mean life in general. My experience in what life for women is like skips a whole generation. So I like hearing about what they are experiencing with their families, with their jobs, what they're wearing, what they're doing. Among all those posting, there are as many similarities as there are differences. I find that really comforting (because I find out I'm probably not so bad, probably not dying, and probably pretty normal if there even is such a thing). I know the sub is called "menopause" but it's really about a stage of life, not just losing reproductive capacity.
Also, I had a lot of hope for a "make shit from wood pallets" group I joined. Unfortunately, it isn't for marginally competent people like me. Every time I look, someone has used wood pallets to build, IDK, a labyrinthine bookcase system with hidden rooms, or a fully-functional Titan missile. I just want to make bunk beds for my cats.

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