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I've been watching this show called Surface, which I really like. And I enjoyed Severance, but it's kinda slow going and it takes awhile to feel "hooked." I don't know if I'd pay for it...I have a free year thanks to T-Mobile.
RE: the washer, I'll have to check! That would be handy. Thank you for liking the hat. BTW, the weird gray things on my arms are not a skin condition, but arm covers because I have that blood type that is like Golden Corral for mosquitoes, so I have to cover up anytime I'm outside for more than about 10 seconds, and I had just walked the dogs. I got the one-week free trial of Apple TV and have been bingeing Ted Lasso. Are there any other good shows on Apple TV? IDK whether to cancel or continue with it.
BTW, love the hat. As for your washer, does it have a pause button? Mine has that and it will unlock the lid so I can put something in it.
There, you see! Like magic. Penis is obviously the word. At least in the context of regret, such as ‘My penis is very small. It can be very hard for me at times.’
The number of times a missing penis has caused me grief... *sigh* Well, I shall have to find a way to carry on despite the psychological distress.
The trick is to make a comment about one’s penis – or anyone’s penis – and see if it will end up on the home page. The comment, I mean, not the penis.
Honestly it didn’t occur to me you were talking about making the home page.
Yeah the Eastern Front was not cohesive to a long life span. Jess, I was referring to my ability to get my comment on the homepage. Which obviously mattered seeing as how you seemed disappointed that yours did not make the homepage. Why did you assume I was talking at you about sex?
Why are you talking at me? If we want sex, we know how to get it. We don't need to be told when to want it or how to get it. Pretty simple, and that's how we get laid on our terms. :D
So Simon, any chance Hans Rentsch survived the Krieg? Or was he called up in 1945 to defend Berlin from the Soviets along with his clsssroom full of teenaged true believers?

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