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I’ve been to your stupid little town, so I have to say that shocks me. Dollar General, Food Depot, I can totally see.
How was the show? Scott's sister and I somehow scored $50 Taylor Swift tickets for this June in Detroit as part of the pre-sale that went bonkers and made the news. We have a hotel for the night and everything, so if you hear of a pair of drunk, unruly moms in Detroit in early June, it's ya girl Mando!
We have at least 2 here that I know of. Maybe more. I'm sure plenty of people would turn their nose up at them, but I ain't one of 'em! I used to go there for dresses for special occasions when I needed much cheaper than the mall. Plus, I hate the mall and avoid it when possible.
I love Ross - there’s one right around the corner from my house. I don’t often find clothes for myself there but stuff like luggage, housewares, even a pair of utility gloves for Aaron for work.
I'm sorry about the home drama. I got it too...these are the times I'm glad I live far away. I'm SO glad your trip went well! I love that you both slipped out on your own "after hours" to do things - I think every couple should do that. You don't have to EVERYthing together!
You got it right baby! Did God's work in Dubai last week. Just landed in Sydney - plans for this eve look promising

On MIA In the blog rockboy
I’m sorry Mary we had a party at my mom and dads church not a cruise. It’s what I wanted to do instead of what I thought was a sad party. I finally paid the sister, thanks Lerm hope Your new year is smashing…. Well at least smashing Molls. (Did I get that right?)

On MIA In the blog rockboy
No, she should hide it upright behind the door and then one night slap it on top of his (probably snoring) ass and suffocate him. Problems solved.
What is he, playing out a trach hole? Is he a Pez dispenser clarinetist? And Coke products are far superior to Pepsi products. Even if Pepsi didn't taste like week-old ass, Newt Gingrich drinks it. QED.
So people were just handing him money for traveling around the country acting like a twat?

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