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Regarding Roadhouse, I can see Mando not seeing it, she was a little kid when it came out, but Jess, you’re old AF, I would’ve figured you would’ve seen it just by osmosis over the years, seeing bits and pieces while it was on in a room while you passed through. And not to throw out stereotypes I don’t really know if it’s really that appealing to women. Weird thing about Next of Kin, I never saw it until I was at Arkansas. It came out in 1989 when I was in high school. I had never heard of it and I was CERTAIN it did not come out in theaters up there. It was then I discovered some movies are only released regionally. I don’t know how it would’ve been received up there.
Hahahaha she’s your age and a grandmother. She’s ooooold. Full disclosure: if you liked Roadhouse you’ll probably like Next of Kin. If Roadhouse isn’t your thing, maybe not. Swayze and Neeson do fuck up a bunch of people in spectacular ways.
To be fair, KCL was offline for how many years? The exact rules of some of these things kind of got lost over time. And you should find Next of Kin. It has Swayze, Bill Paxton, Liam Neeson, Hellen Hunt, and Ben Stiller. That’s a damn all star cast. Liam Neeson’s character’s name is Briar. BRIAR!
Also, it's "Who are you, ____?" Not "Who the hell are you, ___?" because "the hell" breaks the rhythm/cadence of it. I mean, it's YOUR glossary entry.
Hang on you might have been playing the game to perfection: Who Are You.....? game The official online game of KCL. This game usually begins impromptu, once a KCL'er mentions an anachronism. For example, at the mention of a transistor radio, KCL'ers might then say, "Transistor Radio? Who are you, Little Orphan Annie?" As though to suggest only someone as old as Little Orphan Annie would use a transistor radio. It is critical that this game is only played at the mention of an anachronism, and not just using random words. Susan: "God dammit Steve, there are no words." 2Bit: "Words? Who are you, Daniel Webster?" Susan: *blank stare*
1. Patrick Swayze’s second best movie was a cinematic classic called “Next of Kin” where he played an upper class hillbilly who moved to Chicago but returned to Kentucky and avenged his brother’s murder. Liam Neeson played his mega-hillbilly older brother. Or maybe uncle. He lived on an old school bus. 2. “Who do you think you are” is a long standing KCL tradition. I’m pretty sure it’s in the KCL glossary. Now I’m sad that you don’t remember this.
This is Southwest Missouri. “One of our kin” will make far more sense to her than the word “doppelgänger.” No offense to your sister of course, Mando. And if she had checked in with us before replying, we could’ve given her instant advice. She has my email, she could’ve reached out. “Shit Steve what do I do? Holly knows I’m in Missouri!” “Well Mando, tell her you don’t know who she’s looking at, but right now you’re at a Buc-ees in Tennessee knee-deep in brisket and sexually suggestive beaver car magnets.”
There's not much of an update on that front, but I'll type something up. So demanding!

On Hey there. In the blog Luna Tics

On Hey there. In the blog Luna Tics
I can't believe both your girls are graduates now. To me they'll forever be Thing 1 and Thing 2. Congratulations, Dad!

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