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Does your state require a 90 day parenting classes to be able to finalize a divorce? Have you both agreed on the custody arrangement? Wishing you strength and happiness.
God, I think about you every day, multiple times a day, and you'd probably be very creeped out by how many of my conversations with other people involve the phrase " friend Mary..." I love you and I'm fascinated by you. You're a real girl crush of mine.
Luna, it’s generally frowned upon to honk angrily at people in downtown Atlanta, unless you are prepared to defend your position. And I checked, you have us on property crime, but we have you beat on violent crime. Best not to honk in Atlanta.
Why don't you honk it Atlanta? 'Cos you're likely to get shot or what? Because I'm sure as shit ABQ is at least as violent, if not more, and you bet your ass we honk here. That guy was a maggot-endowed douchebag and I hope he gets chlamydia.
I'm all for summarily executing people like that. Also people that drive too slowly in the right hand lanes (we drive on the correct side of the road here)
As much of a pain in the goddamn ass as she is, Susan does kind of make me think she’s the subject of the Bob Dylan song “Shelter From The Storm.” But don’t tell her I said that, I don’t want her getting a big head.
I'm so glad you were able to get to the Cavins house and let them love you. While you & Deb were there, was thinking how Susan is such a refuge for so many of us, and does it with such openness and generosity. I'm glad you got to experience that in the flesh because it IS so restorative. I love all of you so much, and while we're all going through hard shit, at least we have each other.
Motherfucking hell asshole dick

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