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I think Rockboy just called us old, and MAY have even insinuated we wouldn't pass the Ladder Test.

On Drama-day In the blog Luna Tics
I think it should be 1 or 2 we already have KAZ. Claire does talk about pie but I think 1 will happen more with us than two at our age unfortunately.

On Drama-day In the blog Luna Tics
Why would she say it wasn’t a euphemism unless it was actually a euphemism? Now we, the KCL Glossary editorial team, need to decide what it’s a euphemism for: 1. Smoking weed 2. Sex in a car with a fellow party goer that also left. 3. She went to the library alright…and had sex with said other party goer. 4. Masturbated.

On Drama-day In the blog Luna Tics
I often do as well, but in this case I just wasn’t in any mood. And if I gave him the time to hear his theories, he would’ve thought everyone wanted to hear them, and next thing you know he’s harassing a teenage girl at Quick Trip.
You guys. This was 1983. Magazines were actually GOOD back then. Ruth Whitney was the editor of Glamour and she knew her shit. Women's magazines had things like short stories in them, and they kept feminism alive during the Reagan years. I'm not convincing you, am I.

On Drama-day In the blog Luna Tics
Hey, props to you for saying no thanks! I'm always avoiding confrontation, so I'd probably still be there, 40 minutes later, learning how 5G, LEDs, and the bees are all conspiring to give Keanu Reeves ear cancer.
The Irish Goodbye! Classic! I have a friend who did that to me once at a party. I should also point out it was his party. He was the host. He just went to bed with a bunch of people in his house.

On Drama-day In the blog Luna Tics
I left a date at a party once, because he was completely ignoring me. He knew everyone and I knew no one, so I bounced.

On Drama-day In the blog Luna Tics
Ha! Yeah, I’m a sucker for human-interest stories, which is why I watched more of the Depp/Heard trial than I like to admit! I also prefer movies & shows that are character driven for the same reason…I love the human stories.

On Drama-day In the blog Luna Tics

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