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On Tue. January 14, 2014: There has been an update to the blog widget called: twitter! Check it out at Blogs->My Blogs->[blog_name]->options. You will have to add it back to your blog if you were using it.

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That class looks like fun! (#^.^#) I'd need to up my glasses prescription when my carving's done, though...

On Monday In the blog Luna Tics
I think I must have started wearing glasses at about eight. Thankfully (for my parents if no one else) both eye tests and the glasses themselves were free under the NHS. Now, in adulthood, the eye tests remain free, but the glasses themselves can be pretty pricey.

On Monday In the blog Luna Tics
I love the idea :) Actually mom's death was sandwiched between two of my sisters' birthdays; one on October 15, and Heidi's is October 27. So we do try to celebrate in spite of the horrible anniversary, even though I'm currently not on speaking terms with the 10/15'er. Side note, we had her 15th birthday in the hospital because my mom was admitted then, and mom's doctor let us bring in our poodles, Spooky & BamBam. Everyone got cake, even the dogs.
(Long hug). Your letters brought me to tears. It sucks you had to go through all that at such a tender age. I lost my Dad to a pulmonary embolism on October 19th, 20 years ago. From the day he died, my family has held a tradition called 'Octobersux,' since so many negative things seem to happen in October. The tradition involves eating spring rolls and getting piss drunk, while reminiscing of those you've lost. You're welcome to take it on. (Another hug).
Welp, that did it. I can have a go at Japan, but I probably won't be visiting Nightie in Korea or China.
I haven't lived in a separate country from my family, but I do live far away from them all (1000+ miles). I was very close to my grandma who raised me, and her last week, when it was imminent she was dying, I did not rush there. I had done it once before, a year earlier when my family was convinced she wouldn't make it. This time I couldn't handle the time away from work and my family, especially when we didn't know when she'd die. I made do with phone calls. And ultimately I am glad I wasn't there for her last week - she wasn't eating, drinking, or even coherent. I did go for the funeral, of course. Not being there for the "big moments" does not erase the years of relationship you have with someone - and you should feel no guilt about staying put.
Thanks for your honesty about what I risk if I'm not present for my Mother-in-Law's passing. My husband says it's ultimately my choice and he would support whichever choice I make. But while he's at work, I'm the only one here for my Father-in-Law and he's grown more dependent on me lately. You're right. I have CRPS-2, mainly in my left leg, but it's a pain disease that involves the brain and entire central nervous system. The source of the disease was nerve damage done to my leg during the car accident. My brain 'mirrored' the symptoms into my othet leg (nerve wasting and vein discoloration). That accounts for swelling. My nurse friend in Japan suspects MS as the cause of my legs going numb and 'turning off', as well as other symptoms like my vision coming and going, heart murmurs and frequent spasticity. I can't afford to register with NHS to get an MRI yet for diagnosis. That is something we're saving up for.
Korea, though...My Mom is also a meat-n-potatoes woman and she loved Japan enough to visit it 4 times. (I know Americans think that all Asian cultures are alike, but Japan has better sanitation standards and service than anywhere in the USA). Mom especially loved the grilled chicken and the elegant (and healthy) kaiseki meals we had at the hotsprings lodges. Korea is a far different story. I guess like China, the eggs aren't kept under refrigeration, the banchan often has hair in it, and it's so spicy, you shit fire for days. I refuse to let Mom visit. Japan spoiled her so much that even California food disappoints her now. I don't want her to see this place. I can handle it. She couldn't.
I have a close friend who visits China 1-2 times a year. Each time he returns about 5 pounds lighter. Not because he doesn't eat, it's because he does eat. He tries the local food, and then spends a couple of days puking and shitting everything out due to poor hygiene standards.

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