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Mist of us on here are introverted. Don't be so hard on yourself
"Plain old tap water." Jesus. I would have to probably come up with a reason why they couldn't come. I just can't have that level of lameness in our house. It's bad for the chakra. Just kidding about the chakra or whatever it is--even I don't subscribe to that (necessarily) and every person I've ever met who does is insufferable. But tap water drinkers? BOOOOOO!
I love it. I like small rooms, especially for just watching tv or something. Pro tip: furniture close together makes passing a joint much easier. That's exactly why sectionals are popular. :)
Photosensitivity is a disease? I guess I have it. I always just figured I was part-vampire. And I do sneeze at sunlight, or any bright light, really.
Yeah. It's difficult. Nothing like MS showed up in my MRIs, CTs or EEG after my accident. I don't know if they had to specifically look for MS to know. CRPS-2 in its later stages (mine was up to Stage 3 and went into remission) mimics many of the symptoms of MS, Lupus, and so many other diseases, my doctors are always at a fork in the road and give up because they know whichever road they choose will be long, arduous and costly.
I'm honestly not sure what tests she's had. She's had a lot of health problems her whole life (including epilepsy as a teenager) so I'm sure she's had about every test there is. I do know, we worried about MS a bit with my son, and when I mentioned it to his neuro, he said that he lacks the brain malformations consistent with MS (he's had a few MRIs). I think they look for spinal cord lesions with MS, as well. And yes, diagnosis can take a long time (years...I have heard up to 5 for some), because it's often a diagnosis of elimination - trying to find any other cause.
Hahaha!! At least I can satisfy SOMEONE in my life! :-D
US healthcare has surpassed Dumpster fire, tire fire and oil rig fire and is moving on to Bosnian Mass Grave.
Can I point out that Nightie said I'm right? *clears throat* SUUUUUUUCK IIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!
I'm so sorry about your sister. How scary! :-( I heard diagnosis takes awhile. Which tests did she get, if I may ask? The last school I worked at had stairs and I tripped so much, the principal told me to use the elevator. It was embarrassing. In Japan, an X-ray showed that I had spinal wear & tear and one of my doctor friends in the States currently suspects osteoarthritis. But this wave-like phenomenon is so strange. I had eye trouble too when my legs first went bad. Right after paying loads for glasses my vision cleared up considerably. My legs just wouldn't move on demand and I needed a cane to get around for a whole year. At its worst, walking was more like controlled falling. I forced myself to walk everyday and mobility improved. But when my brain and lungs feel that weird, it's scary. Yeah. I'll bring it up. The hubbie needs convincing that going to a doctor for this is necessary, so I need a strong argument.