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OMG that was awesome!!! He looks so benign, too. LOLOL.
That's why I said Aug 6, Luna. I figured after a failed date tonight, and hanging around kids and old people in VA, you'll need to be banged like a screen door when you get back. Although the kids being out of town didn't occur to me. David has NO idea what he's in for if he plays his cards right (meaning, shows up on time, has no open sores, and pays for dinner). And don't be silly, men can't be raped. You're good.
I had no idea butt stuff had been funny for so long!
Elementary art? So, if things get kinky in the bedroom, he can fingerpaint on your body. Assuming they get to the bedroom. *starts betting pool on when things get to the bedroom* *Aug 6*
It's true that a perceived health scare can make you feel all kinds of shit. I'm glad it's ok, but man, go for a walk now and then (or run, if that's your thing). Just 30 minutes a few times a week. We have lots of heart disease in my family too (cancer as well) but I think the vast majority of those were smokers. I figure at least attempting some exercise and eating healthy is something I owe to the luck of being so healthy so far. If you die of a heart attack before you're 50, I will be so fucking pissed. And while I know that appeals to you, the daddy issues your kids would have as result of your early demise would NOT. So be good.
Good luck - keep us posted - we want the shagging stories!
While you're all hot shit, you should totally learn to play the zither. Also, aren't upskirt photos like, so 2012?
Ray Davies I can see. He's a fucking badass. He was once shot in a mugging and chased the shooter down. Nick Cave is an interesting choice but I don't judge. I am surprised to not see Rick Ocasec on the list. Idris Elba should be the first black James Bond.
Normally it wouldn't do it for me, and in fact it would indicate the person has a bad skin condition, but in Zoe Saldana's case, she's grr, baby. She might be in my Top 5.
Yeah, no. Ick. Call me racist, but green skin doesn't do it for me.