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1: The Adventures of Lunchbag Rodriguez
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2: Matt will fix it
By: Evil Fury

3: Luna Ticks
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4: Something Less Nauseating
By: Fritz The Bootlegger

5: one and one and one is seven
By: Easy Sleeper

6: knifeboy
By: knifeboy

7: liquorlounge
By: lermontov

8: Don't worry. It's Treatable
By: Don't worry. It's treatable

9: newplayer
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10: kona
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Hope you feel better!
I find the first one pretty demure. The second is like a sexy power dress.

On On the catwalk In the blog Luna Ticks
God. What an asshat!
Dumped me off in the fucking SNOW. Said, "You have an appointment in ten minutes. Bye." And drove away. Fucker. I was in tears by the betrayal. But, I will try the new glasses. The prescription didn't change much so I don't know what my problem is. Lol
^ Or worse. We just had a mom and her 3 young children get shot (kids all died; mom's in critical condition) by a guy she briefly dated who, I believe, she met on an online dating site.

On Setbacks In the blog knifeboy
Ever see Winter's Bone? There are plenty of hungry people around here. Sure, some are methheads or heroin users but a lot of people just don't have food, or access to it. If you are poor and live in a certain area of Bardstown, and don't have a car, you are FUCKED. The nearest gas station is probably a mile away and only has shitty gas station food. I know for a fact our daughter's boyfriend's family usually has very little food. I took them groceries once and all the kids fell on that shit like vultures on a carcass.
How very dare he!
The only caffeine I've really had in months is from a red bull that I sip on with kratom all day. I actually DO have new glasses. Matt fucked me over and made me go to the eye doc last winter and I got new ones but haven't worn them yet. New sunglasses, too. I don't do well with change but I'll give it a shot.
No, but have you given up caffeine? *snicker* I hope you feel better. I got nothin'.
That just means there's all the more opportunity. Hell, you could declare yourself bisexual for a night and double your chances right there.

On On the catwalk In the blog Luna Ticks