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Glad the writing is moving along
Awesome now get off your ass and start talking shit to Snowangel.
I don't think the heat issue would sway anyone, although it may not be as big a deal in FL since it isn't as drought prone and grass can grow there consistently year round (I assume?).
Holy shit I am sorry to read this.
Germany has lived under a French roof for far longer than 4 weeks with no interruption to basic services. And that will continue of France knows what's good for her. Poland knows what I'm talking about. Right Poland? RIGHT?
Poor parents, very sad poor Quent
Did I see a news spot on how some stadiums, like Invesco, are now weaving the sod into the turf? I wonder if that makes the grass more resistent?
OK, but the sunburn thing is. By the time you feel it, it's too late. And Snow, generally yes, falling on grass is a lot easier, there's a lot more "give." The Field Turf's only real advantage is that it doesn't wash away. It sucks when high schools use it on their main field for football, soccer and lacrosse. They paint it for all 3 sports, so their lines are there all year, and for goalies, it requires a lot more care when coming out with the ball in your hand, but that's a minor thing compared to the other problems.
Aren't grass field safer for impact too?