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Is that all it is? Joey's just lazy enough to catch back in a bit.

On I lived. In the blog Blackbird Hidden
Here is where I remind everyone that Libertarianism is not defined by labels like, "liberal" or "conservative". It is just about personal liberty.
I think I may have just lost my respect for Steve. I’m sorry that it’s come to this, right after Susan’s ‘threw a window’ too. “Mando, it wasn't a contest between you and I…” I return to KCL and this is what I see. I’m disappointed. Disappointed in you all.
Yes, I’d be disturbed if my daughter wrote about her mother “throwing her threw a plate glass window.” As you say, she likes to shock. As many writers do. Of course you haven’t quoted an entire section, so I don’t know what her overall writing abilities are, but she obviously has a good imagination, which is at the heart of it. That sounds like something to be impressed by, not worried about. My guess is that she’ll move on from the shock and awe phase and start producing something that’s more subtle. But at the moment she’s only 13, isn’t she? Time for more introspective writing, wordplay, and the sort of lewd double entendres I’ve honed over the years when she’s rather older.
He is Italian, but also German. Steve, you are right, penis is mandatory. But I am slightly more discerning than your second thing. Very slightly.
Metaphorically speaking yes.
Oh Jess has a type alright. 1, must have a penis. 2, everything else is negotiable.
Look at the guy. If that face doesn't scream prosperous middle manager from a socialist constitutional monarchy I don't know what does.