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On Tue. January 14, 2014: There has been an update to the blog widget called: twitter! Check it out at Blogs->My Blogs->[blog_name]->options. You will have to add it back to your blog if you were using it.

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Simon, that's the thing that really alarms me and appalls me about all of this: the notion that because Jesus forgives everything, even something like this, means we should all just accept it and show the perpetrator more compassion than he/she is due because "that's what Jesus would do." No, we fucking shouldn't. Sexual attraction to and abuse of children is rarely a one-time mistake that people get better from.
Yes, I should have left out the comparison with shoplifting, which wasn’t appropriate to the discussion. I was just throwing in the dreadful situation that some parents will inevitably face: whether to turn in their own children to the police, which must be pretty tough, whatever the crime. Mind you, I was just reading extracts of the statement released by the parents, and it should win a prize for the number of uses of the word ‘God’. I can imagine it must have been a bad time for them, but saying “Finding God had decided to create our son a sexual deviant made us all draw closer together as a family, and decide to cover it up.” didn’t help.
Simon, shoplifting at 10 warrants a stern talking to. This guy admitted to molesting several of his sisters over a 3 year period, sometimes while they slept. A parent will want to protect their kids even when they did something bad. But the desire to protect their other kids, who were victims, should be even more overwhelming. The kid obviously needed help. Should it be lifetime incarceration when he's a child? Probably not, but certainly removal from the home and counseling more significant than doing home renovations with a "Christian." And it's not corroborated but supposedly that counselor has been accused of sexual harassment against teens. JimBob Duggar sure does like hanging around with child molesters.
Simon, I believe I would, especially if it put my other children in immediate danger. Sexual abuse is an entirely different level of criminal behavior.
Having said that, if he was 13/14 at the time, it prompts me to ask what you’d all think about the age of criminal responsibility if it affected one of your children. Would you hold your own barely-teenage child to the same level of accountability? Any crime (or felony, or malfeasance, or whatever you Americans call them), not just sexual ones. I say it because in a recent ‘Confess and Betray’ post I admitted to some petty shoplifting (ice lollies) when I was about 10. I certainly knew it was wrong, and against the law – but would you think some sort of criminal sanction would be appropriate? Juvenile detention? Beating? I suspect we have all committed minor offences as children, even if it’s only things like trespassing – or, as adults, rather more serious ones such as speeding – but we all tend to forgive ourselves with remarkable indulgence.
If we're voting, I too vote Risky Business style.

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If there are boob touches we want to see them.
^ Well played on #1 BD. RB, there's a Starbucks in Nashville I can never show my face at again. Not being a coffee drinker and afraid to try any novel Starbucks lingo, I ordered some mocha-frappu-latte something and asked for it with no coffee, no espresso shots, and extra whipped cream. Girl goes, "So, a hot chocolate?" I felt really stupid.
What are you talking about? It sounds ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

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