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Posted on: Monday 01/02/2023 10:11:03

This year, I am committed to :
1) fully understanding what bypass roads are, and learning my way around town. From every direction. 
2) using the science oven/air fryer
3) make homemade pasta; specifically egg yolk ravioli
4) engaging on KCL. It's hard on my phone but I live y'all and miss you. I'm VERY much a creature of habit, and if I make a point to get online I will get back in the habit. I also would like to plan another KCL con. 
And finally, learn how to make a lot of different meals because I'm sick of making all of the same shit. 
Anyone have a good chicken Parm recipe? 

I hope this is a wonderful year for all of you. 

  • lermontov Says:
    And a wonderful year for you & yours

  • lunamor Says:
    I have never made chicken parm, so, no. Also, I would be perfectly happy to never cook again.

    I do love my air fryer, though. Roasted potatoes are so great in there. As are pretty much any frozen snacks.

  • Evil Fury Says:
    My comments aren't sticking so I keep re-submitting. Sorry in advance if I quadruple post the same thing!

  • Evil Fury Says:
    I truly despise the learning curve with new technology, because I'm intimidated by it. Besides, I just asked Matt and he got it in the fall of '19 so I can't rush into it!!!!

  • kittenheel Says:
    I used to have a good Crock Pot chicken parm recipe, but I'm not sure where it is. If I find it I'll share it. Funny story about bypass roads. Back when the kids were little and we drove to the beach every summer, we stayed off the interstates and took it easy, so I would navigate with the road atlas (this was pre-Google maps, GPS, etc.). One year I was reading the map and I was like, "OMG this town has a road called Byp! And another one called Bu!" Then a few more towns went by and "OMG you won't believe this. THIS town also has a road called Byp and one called Bu!" Eventually I figured out that Byp Road was a bypass and Bu Road was the business (non-bypass) route.

  • Fritz The Bootlegger Says:
    That’s weird, my Rand-McNally always used “Bus.” as the abbreviation for Business. Like Bus 71, a road I drove on frequently in Arkansas.

  • kittenheel Says:
    I probably had a knock-off atlas. They were all Byp and Bu.
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