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Posted on: Tuesday 06/27/2017 04:32:27

Just a quick check in--Family Feud is on in a minute and it's my and Ishy's thang this summer. We love it. It's our time together and I musn't be late.
Trying to get stoked for Phish tour but having trouble getting into it. I'm getting there, though.
Autumn feels okay--her calcitonin numbers have gone up 2000 from 14000 to 16000. No bueno. But, considering the normal level is THREE it's hard to get too worked up about it. I'm thinking of it in terms of debt: say she has $3 in the bank and is $14K in debt...what's another two grand?
Anyway, we go back to Houston in early October. She is still working and partying, and still with the terrible boyfriend. Leave it to a teenager to make an unbearable situation even worse.
I've missed all of y'all.

  • lunamor Says:
    I think the concerts will give you a boost. Sometimes it's just getting there that does it - the excitement of anticipation can by hard to come by.

    I wish I didn't live so far away! :(

  • snow Says:
    :( How is she doing otherwise? Are the meds helping? Terrible BF? I think I missed that. /homepage

  • Evil Fury Says:
    The thyroid med has helped her have some more energy, and she feels okay overall. She has pain over her heart where a fucking tumor is pressing. They won't consider surgery for the emergent tumors until her calcitonin gets down to 6000.

  • kittenheel Says:
    If you need a top for the Phish tour, I just bought this one for a whopping 75 cents and could send it to you. As you can see, I took the photograph with a camera phone from the 1740s.


  • blackbird Says:
    EF would rock that top. ^ Where will you be seeing concerts?

  • idoru Says:
    Maybe a tub of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice-cream will get you into gig mood? I know about this due to supermarket junk mail leaflet. And I was shocked to see it was connected to the band. Especially being in the uk and only knowing you as a fan of them. ;)

  • lunamor Says:
    I haven't had Phish Food in YEARS. God, I love that stuff. Best Ben & Jerry's flavor ever, in my opinion. *off to dream about my diabetic coma*

  • H3OsMama Says:
    I am amazed that she has energy to work, party and carry on with a boyfriend. Good for her! Is there a medicine that will help her get those numbers down? Or just time? Anyway, always thinking about you all, and sending good thoughts when I do! /homepage

  • Evil Fury Says:
    I like Phish Food except for the marshmallows.

  • lunamor Says:
    Do you ever just and think about how wrong you are about some stuff? You are wrong about this. THE MARSHMALLOWS ARE TEH AWESOME!

  • lunamor Says:
    *sit and think

  • Evil Fury Says:
    I find them unnecessary.

  • Evil Fury Says:
    Mary, for realz, can I have that shirt?

  • kittenheel Says:
    You betcha! How soon do you need it?
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